We offer a limited amount of weddings during the Spring and Fall and occasionally during the summer. The venue property offers the perfect idyllic forest setting with multiple wedding sites. We have multiple ceremonial sites including the Amish Gazebo, round arbor with greenery all around it (perfect for adding flowers), a manzanita trellis and a ladder trellis. We had a couple have their wedding around the firebowl on the stage and they did a procession across the bridge to the ceremonial site.

We offer one day weddings during the week but on weekends we only offer full weekend events to avoid the stress of a one-day set up and take down. This allows our bridal parties to set up the day before, hold their special day with family and friends and then take down the next morning. This allows everyone to truly enjoy the special day without time limitations.

Our lodge is the perfect staging area and the caterers love the full size commercial kitchen that makes it easy to prepare and serve their meals. The lodge also comes in handy for any unexpected weather event – it can hold up to 75 including the tables and chairs. After dinner, move the tables to the side and make room for the dancing!

We provide a small bridal villa for the bride and provide two large tents for the bridal party to get ready for the special event.

The beautiful natural forest and meadow canvas allows our couples to create the wedding of their dreams. To assist and keep costs down, we provide a treasure trove of items that are available to our couples to use during their event (see treasure trove under Gallery). Each of our couples are free to design and decorate to their vision.