Camping Weddings

We specialize in camping weddings. We are the perfect location for the outdoor or nature enthusiast that wants to celebrate all weekend with family and friends in a beautiful natural setting. Our camping option comes with everything available to our regular weddings plus the option to camp on site.

Our camping option come with all our existing tents and are a great way to have your wedding party or friends stay on site and help with the set up and take down. Our restrooms come with showers so overnight is not an issue. For the family coming from out of town there are plenty of hotel rooms within 5 miles of the Camp.

Our couples have been very creative and one wedding rented fully equipped glamping bell tents and created a camping village in the meadow for all their friends in addition to using our tents. Our camping weddings are known for featuring yoga and/or exercise in the morning and sitting around the campfire at night. We’ve been told it’s compared to having a family reunion and a wedding all in one!